You just gotta love athletes. They entertain the masses by achieving heights of physical glory we could only dream of. But no one, no matter how powerful, is immune to being photographed when they'd least expect it. We have proof! 1. Korean footballer and former captain of the South Korean National Team Park Ji Sung is very expressive. Exhibit A -- Cause sometimes you just want to say NO: Park Ji-sung Exhibit B -- Cause sometimes your knee just really hurts: Park-Ji-Sung-says-Manches-007 2. Olympic judoka Wang Ki-Chun has made a career out of pinning people down, and in the process, he's been caught in some rather awkward poses.. Exhibit A -- Cause sometimes you're just feeling (held) down: Wang Ki Chun Exhibit B -- Cause sometimes you go nuts: Wang Ki Chun 3. Im Dong Hyun is a South Korean archer who hates, I repeat hates, to smile.  Hand him a bow and arrow and you'll surely get a frown. Exhibit A -- Smiling sucks. Im Dong Hyun Exhibit B - Why should I smile? Im Dong Hyun 2 Exhibit C - Turning a frown upside down takes too much effort. Im Dong Hyun 3 Exhibit D - I'm not unhappy, I just look that way. Im Dong Hyun 4 4. Nicknamed "Blue Dragon," Lee Chung Yong is 24-year-old footballer who's been playing professionally since he was in middle school and happens to be a very expressive ball player. Exhibit A -- Cause sometimes you're so close you can almost taste it: Lee-Chung-yong-001 Exhibit B -- Cause sometimes you did the damn thing and it's time to celebrate: Lee Chong Yung 2 5. Shin Soo Choo's baseball career has taken him all over the world (he's currently playing for the Cincinnati Reds in the US) and provided many a funny face. Exhibit A -- Cause sometimes you just need someone (or in this case, something) to lean on: 16th Asian Games - Day 7: Baseball Exhibit B -- Cause sometimes you land on your feet: Shin-Soo-Choo Exhibit C -- Cause sometimes you get a little groggy, even during a game: Shin Soo Choo 6. Park Chy Young is a South Korean footballer who might take the cake for funniest faces on the field. Exhibit A -- Cause sometimes someone snaps a photo at an inopportune moment: Park-Chu-young-007 Exhibit B -- Cause sometimes you need to use your head: ParkChuYoung2 Exhibit C -- Cause sometimes a little aggression is all you need: Park-ChuYoung_2670310 Did we leave anybody out?  Comment below and maybe we'll do a round two! @evanrosskatz