News of two Korean-Canadians has been circulating the web. Thirty-two-year-old Park Jin-kun from Toronto made a huge splash as the winner of the men’s model section of the Muscle Mania contest in Boston in late September. Twenty-three-year-old Kim Seong-yoon, a first-generation Korean-Canadian, made it through the preliminaries of Miss Universe Canada 2013 in Ontario. She's the only Korean-Canadian to have made it this far in the contest! Park is an owner of a fitness club in Toronto, and he's very ambitious—he says he intends to enter and win contests all over the globe. No stranger to travel, he studied as an exchange student in Toronto in 1996, and then immigrated with his family to Canada in 2002. Kim is a freshman at the Toronto Film School. If she becomes one of the top eight in the next round of preliminaries, she will be able to compete in the national contest in May. She's determined to bring her Korean-Canadian beauty to the highest level. Both seek to gain recognition for Korea as they exhibit their Korean pride doing what they love!


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