American fans weren't the only ones excited to see Leonardo DiCaprio finally win an Oscar for Best Actor last night at the Academy Awards. Several Korean celebrities took to their official Instagram accounts to congratulate the talented actor on his big win too!

1. Kim Ji Soo (Cheer Up) posted a photo on his official Instagram account, @actor_jisoo, of Leo accepting his Oscar with the caption "Congratulations..!!!! Always best acting..!!"   

2. Super Junior's Yesung (I AM) posted a cute meme of Leo in his role as Gatsby accepting the Oscar on his official Instagram account, @yesung1106, with the caption "Finally... four out of five [nominations]! DiCaprio wins Oscar for Best Actor!!"

3. Im Seul Ong (Love Cells 2) posted a video of himself watching Leo's acceptance speech to his official Instagram account, @Isod.d, with the caption "He finally got one. Hahaha" 

Many Korean celebrities grew up watching and admiring Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen, just like us, so it was a celebratory night for them as well! 


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