Sure, our beloved biases are sweet, talented, and amazingly beautiful--but they're definitely human too.  Take a look at some of the most epic Hallyu "falling stars" and giggle with us at how cute and clumsy (and real!) they are. First up...Seungri takes a little tumble but quickly climbs back up.  Awww, look at his little embarrassed smile! Next we have f(x)'s Krystal, who is notoriously known for being...well, a little clumsy. Here she is mid-fall during a concert...eep! Another notoriously clumsy K-pop star we love is IU, who's falls actually just make us love her more! Here she is falling during the DMZ Peace Concert. And during the Seoul Samsung Thunders Basketball game Annnnd during the Melon Music Awards... SISTAR's Bora has also taken a few tumbles on stage, though seriously, who can blame all these female performers because SERIOUSLY look at those heels!  It's a miracle they can even walk, much less dance, on these slippery stages... Luckily in this SISTAR performance Hyorin quickly grabs Boram and she DOESN'T fall! Her face totally says "Whew! That was close!" And what's a Falling-On-Stage post without a little bit of Onew from SHINee? Check the video out for a nice little compilation: Now here's Seungyeon falling during a KARA performance... Watch the video!  She pops right back up!  Now that's professionalism! Here's a video of CL taking a tumble during a performance with 2ne1 T-ara's Hyomin also slips and falls next to a worried Eunjung during an on-stage performance And finally, we have the athletic (seriously, have you seen him fight on FAITH?!) Lee Minho!  Except, we witness his not so graceful side as he splats facedown on the red carpet.  ...Is it weird we find this actually adorably hilarious? And a GIF for your amusement too How do you feel about celebs falling?  Is it embarrassing?  Unacceptable?  Hilarious?  Or just adorable?