The official death count of the tragic ferry accident in South Korea rose to more than 150 on the 23rd of April, and the whole Korean nation continues to wait for the 146 passengers still missing to come back to their family’s arms. Korean TV channels have cancelled entertainment shows and dramas to show their condolences for the victims of the accident. Many Korean people, including celebrities and sports stars, are joining the Yellow Ribbon campaign in which they change their profile pictures to Yellow Ribbons and raise contributions.

The Korean actress Park Shin Hye donated fifty million won (fifty thousand dollars) to people who are suffering from the sunken ferry through Korean NGO Hope Bridge. An official of the NGO on the 23rd April in Korea attentively said, “It was true that Park Shin Hye donated fifty thousand dollars for the salvage of the Sewol and to support the bereaved family, but she didn't want it to be known largely so she conveyed her expression of grief, even unbeknownst to her agency. All the contribution will be used for victims and missing people of the ferry accident.”

The official added, "Disaster mental health support is acutely needed for missing peoples' families and survivors and their family. It is said that there are many people who feel the burden among them so support will be greatly needed."

Park Shin Hye showed her sorrow for the tragic accident by writing on her twitter on the 18th, “Please, please be safe… no more victims… I hope many of them come back to their families' arms… I pray and pray.” And she has been part of Yellow Ribbon campaign by changing her profile picture on twitter and including a message expressing hope for the safe return of Sewol’s missing passengers.

Korean actors Cha Seung Won and Song Seung Hun and actress Ha Ji Won donated one hundred million won (one hundred thousand dollars). Many other celebrities’ contributions continue to pour in, many completely anonymously.

Sport stars also pray for the missing passengers and their family. Olympic figure skating golden medalist Queen Yuna and LA Dodgers player Ryu Hyun Jin gave silent prayer for the passengers. They both donated one hundred million won ($100,000) to support the victims. Ryu played a game in Philadelphia on the 22nd. LA Dodgers formally paid a one minute silent tribute before the game. LA Dodgers players and the audience were standing and expressing their deepest sorrow. Before a game with the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 19th, Ryu held a charity autograph event to help the bereaved family.

All of Korea really wants to hear the news that there are still survivors, even a single survivor. I have heard that the atmosphere is very desperate in Korea, but I will wait for a miracle along with other Korean people.