We know Korean celebrities are gorgeous, but what is up with their selfies? They’re so funny that we can’t help but crack up!

Shin Min Ah is blessed with the face of a goddess.

But she looks more like a child of a goddess in selfies!

Let’s admit. Kang So Ra used to take some bad selfies.

Fans jokingly called her a selfie-go-ja (bad selfie taker), and she stepped up her game!

Here’s Jung Woo Sung before and after he improved his selfie skills.

Return of Superman's Choo Sung Hoon is stylish and hot. So please let us see your beautiful face!

These aren’t just bad photos of JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun. He takes all of his selfies like these!

This handsome boy is Seventeen’s Vernon.

Don’t you agree he looks much better in photos taken by others?

Im Si Wan is another actor who looks a lot more handsome in photos taken by others.

We’re not sure Joo Sang Wook sucks at taking selfies or he’s just trying to be funny.

Are you a good selfie taker? Share your tips with these adorable selfie takers!


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