Brian Joo

Brian Joo Unveiled

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Don't miss out on chatting session with Brian Joo!! (Ex-Fly To The Sky) The 8-9PM Korea time is 7-8AM EST in U.S. Visit the website for details. Only the website members can enter chat, so don't forget to register ahead of time!

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye Tweet

"Thank you for mentions about my check up. It seems... that I will only be able to do gastroscopy. I'll be back after the check up tomorrow. ^^ Good night!"

Actress in our highly anticipated kdrama "Festival/You've Fallen For Me/Heartstrings/I'm With Stupid/or something else" is going to the hospital tomorrow. Let's hope she's okay.


Sistar Tweet

"[Bora] Sistar's first unit project Sistar19~~!!! Stay tuned ~~!!!!"

More about this here via Allkpop

Lee Teuk(Super Junior)

Lee Teuk Tweet

"2000th day since debut...only 2000..^^ I have tons of things that I want to do in the future. I'm just not there yet. E.L.F. all over the world who gave me love and support!! Thank you and I love you! Also, single pre-sale in Japan #1 as well!!!^^ Official debut isn't so important...^^"

2000th anniversary for Super Junior already!

Tiger JK

Tiger JK tweet trump

TigerJK does not approve.

Minah(Girl's Day)

Minah Girl's Day

Minah Strawberry Pie

"Who should I give this delicious strawberry pie to...?!" please? Follow @gom_fever on twitter for translated re-tweets and/or Korean celebrity tweet translation requests!