It is a father's burden to worry about his daughter...and it seems a new variety show has found a way to capitalize on this generally accepted truth. Entitled My Daughter's Man, the show features celebrity fathers who are given a look into their daughter's love life! What could possibly go wrong? Well, for starters, celebrity dad Choi Yang Rak was forced to helplessly watch as his daughter decided to gift a marriage license to her boyfriend of only 90 days...

In a recent episode, Choi Yang Rak stared as the celebrity father who would be lucky enough to get a peek into his daughter's life. During the show, Choi Yang Rak was shown a video of his daughter's whereabouts. As the clip rolls it is revealed his daughter, Choi Hana, had visited a local civil office to get some documents.

As Hana begins to fill out the document she had obtained, she stops briefly to call her father, asking him for his social security number. After a brief conversation in which she lies that she is at school and needs the number for school forms, Choi Yang Rak gives her the number.

However, as the camera continues to roll, it becomes clear that the form Hana is actually filling out is a marriage certificate! And as expected, Choi Yang Rak becomes furious and confused as when he had originally received the phone call he had believed Hana's story.

However, the shock only grew as the footage continued. Choi Yang Rak had no choice but to watch as Hana meets her boyfriend of 90 days and gifts the marriage certificate to him as a birthday gift in the video....

While Choi Yang Rak found out about his daughter’s wedding plans on the variety show, hopefully he can be happy for his daughter and her fiance in time for the wedding! Hana plans to hold her official marriage ceremony on March 3, 2018!

Did this story surprise you? What do you think about Hana's deception and how her father had to find out? Let us know your thoughts below! 


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