A Korean couple determined to change the way they looked and felt have posted their incredible transformations on Instagram and Facebook, and netizens have definitely been taking notice.

Song Jin Yoo and Shin Ji Hoo started to take matters into their own hands five months ago, when they decided to lose some weight to look and feel better. When they started, Song Jin was 83 kilograms with 16% body fat. Shin Ji was 71 kilograms with 32% body fat. The ambitious couple started a regimen of working out at a local gym, doing three hours of cardio and one and a half hours of weightlifting twice a week. They also completely changed their diets, eating a very specific amount of certain proteins and vegetables throughout the course of the day, once every three to four hours. The results of their road to weigh loss are incredible, especially considering it happened in a span of only five months.

Their Facebook page is titled, "Dieting is the Best Plastic Surgery." It sure looks like they know what they're talking about. Song Jin is now 71 kilograms with minuscule 5% body fat, while Shin Ji is 49 kilograms with 18% body fat. Amazing!

For those interested, Shin Ji's Instagram is https://instagram.com/sjh_0628_/.

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