Awwww sooo cute! Korean celebrities and their pets!!!

1. Singer Lee Hyori and her dog, Soon Shim.

2. Actor Jung Il Woo (Flower Boy Ramen Shop, 49 days, The Moon that Embraces the Sun) posing with his dog, Ahwoo.

3. Singer of girl group "Kara," and Actress, Goo Hara (City Hunter), and her dog, Ang E in the first pic, and group mates dog, Chino in the 2nd.

4. Singer of boy group, "Super Junior," and Actor, Kim Heechul with his cat, Heebum.

5. Singer of group JYJ and Actor, Jaejoong ( Protect the Boss, Time Slip Dr. Jin) with his cat, JiJi.

More Pet-licious Photos on the Next Page! 6. Singers from the group U-KISS, Kevin, and Eli, take a photo with a "fan."

7. Actress Goo Hye Sun ( Boys Over Flowers, The Musical) with her dog Gamja.

8.  Singer of group JYJ, Junsu is a cat lady! Who knew?!

9. Singer of group "2PM," Chansung and his cat, Junggam.

 10. Singer of group "4MINUTE," Hyuna with her cute cat

More cute puppies and kitties on the Next Page! 11. Singer of group "2PM," and Actor,Wooyoung (Dream High) and a baby chick!

12. Singer of group MBLAQ,Thunder with his cat, Dadoong.

13. Actress, Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince, Goong,Lie to Me,Take care of the Young Lady) and her puppy!

14. Singer of group "Super Junior," and Actor,Siwon (Oh! My Lady) with his nephew, Beckham.

15. Actress, Kim Seo Eun (Boys Over Flowers) and her adorable cat.

The cuteness continues on the Next Page! 16. Singer of group BIGBANG, Taeyang poses with his pup, Boss!

17. Actor Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Faith) with his dog, Choco...oh and his pony ^_^

18.  Actress, Park Min Young (City Hunter, Time Slip Dr. Jin, Sungkyunkwan Scandal) borrowing a cute kitty.

19.  Singer of group "2AM," JoKwon snaps a photo with a fan dressed in a Hyun Bin Secret Garden tracksuit!

20. Singer of group "SS501" and Actor Kim Hyun Joong, (Boys over Flowers, Playful Kiss) with his dog,Art.

Wooyoungs photo with the baby chick is a favorite! Which was your favorite pet-tastic photo!?

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