Full House Korean drama

The classic Korean drama Full House brings together two people who hate each other but are forced to live under the same roof. On top of that, it's between a lowly writer and the biggest star in Korea! This drama shot Song Hye Gyo and Rain into super-stardom, and even developed into a rumored off-screen romance. Also starring Han Eun Jung (Cinderella Man) and Kim Sung Soo (More Charming by the Day, Bad Love).

Han Ji Eun (played by Song Hye Gyo) is a naive writer who lives alone. She gets swindled by her best friends, who tell her that she's won an all-inclusive trip to China. But once she's gone, they sell off her house for some money. On the plane, she meets Lee Young Jae (Rain), a hotshot actor in Korea. As he is the only Korean she knows in China, she begs for some money so that she can return to Korea.

Much to her surprise, she comes home to find that she has no home! And that the house was purchased by none other than Lee Young Jae. Young Jae is also on the brink of proposing marriage to his best friend Kang Hye Won (Han Eun Jung), but a media frenzy causes Young Jae to declare a "relationship" with Ji Eun in order to protect Hye Won. Now Ji Eun can get her home back - if she promises to marry Young Jae for a year! Their professional relationship starts becoming personal when Young Jae finds himself caring more and more for the charming girl who stays cheerful despite not having anything to call her own.

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