If you're an 80's baby like me, or at least grew up with the 90's decade, the new simulcast ANSWER ME 1997 is a nostalgic blast to the past.  Dramabeans describes the drama title as "a question to your 1997-self, as in: Answer Me, 1997 Me."  It's a 90's "vintage" drama that "features a group of teenagers who are all 18 years old in the year 1997, and as the story unfolds, we get a How I Met Your Mother-esque flashforward, where we meet them all again in 2012, as 33-year old adults." Ah, to the days of H.O.T. (I still have like, five of their albums in my car) and dial-up internet (seriously, I haven't heard that dialing tone in ages)...ANSWER ME 1997 is a certified throwback to those good 'ol carefree days. Below are twelve 90's memories in the drama that we hate to love, and love to miss. 12. 90's Hairstyles: Bowl-cuts, blunt bangs, middle parts, and lots of gel.  UGH NO, GROSS--get that yearbook photo away from me. 11. Floppy Disks: Since they are no longer in circulation, have younger people ever seen a floppy disk?  Don't they ever wonder what that square icon for "save" is in Microsoft Word? 10. Big and clunky old TVs: Prior to the days of flatscreens and LCD we had these awesome babies, complete with VCRs. (Hello Panasonic and APEX!) 9. VHS Tapes: You can't watch videos on your clunky TV without a VHS tape and VCR, of course.  Remember to rewind fully after you watch and make sure you dont tape over anything important! 8. Cassette tapes and Walkmans: They're big, they're bulky, and they hold only 30 minutes on each side.  Don't deny it--you still have a collection at home that you just can't throw away... 7. Huge phones: HOW did we carry these two pound bricks for hours on end?? And no wonder prank calling was so rampant--it's just too easy when there's no caller ID! 6. DDR: Arcades and Smile.dk.  That is all. 5. Huge desktops: I have a terrible secret.  My computer is still sitting in my room.  And it literally takes up half my desk, seriously.  (I do kinda miss those sticky, clacky, old keyboards though--they were fun!) 4. Tamagotchis: Is yours still alive?  Yeah, right--Tamagotchis, Nanopets, Gigapets...whatever you had, it probably died within a week (But mom, I swear if I had a real pet I wouldn't forget to feed him!!) 3. Adidas, EASTPAK, and Guess brand shirts: Or in this case, FAKE brand name shirts!  You know you still have a bunch of these shirts and backpacks in storage somewhere! 2. Pagers and beepers.  Remember the numerical codes everyone used to use?  Here's a brief refresher: 1004 = Korean for ANGEL, 4=Korean and Chinese for DIE, 143 = English for I LOVE YOU, 012 = Korean for FOREVER.  Ah, good times. (Just do us a favor and take them out of your screen names...) 1. 90's Clothing: Baggy overalls, plaid, and oversized tracksuits, duh.  These were fashionable times man, really fashionable times. Catch ANSWER ME 1997 on DramaFever.com! What's your favorite ANSWER ME 1997 throwback?