One of the new features coming soon to DramaFever is DramaFever Collections, a fun way to group dramas by theme, actor, anything really! Think "Kdrama Essentials," "Food Porn," "Eye Candy" and more! We'll be asking for your help in creating personalized lists based on any theme you can imagine. In anticipation of our DramaFever Collections launch, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the lists we're putting together: Korean dramas that just ooze Gangnam Style--that sense of style, fun and fashion flair that's just about everywhere right now! What shows can you think of that epitomize Gangnam Style? Here are a few we came up with: BOYS OVER FLOWERS - The crossover romantic comedy that defines the Gangnam lifestyle, about a group of perfectly coiffed high school students whose reign over the school is upturned by an adorkable outsider. SECRET GARDEN - Gangnam Style's outrageous fashion has nothing on the Hyun Bin's dazzlingly gaudy track suits in this international smash hit about a stuck-up prima donna who falls for a movie stunt woman. DREAM HIGH - If you think Psy's transformation from pudgy Kpop star to world-famous pop sensation is impressive, check out "Korea's answer to Glee," where real-life pop starlet IU transforms from a plump nerd into an absolute knockout. RUNNING MAN - Want more crazy humor from Korea served up Gangnam Style? Check out this unpredictable hour that's part game show, part talent showcase and always completely over the top. The soccer match episode (episode 7) is a classic example, where the host (appropriately named Haha) is given the real-life super power to soar through the air (with the help of an on-screen crane). INKIGAYO - Watch Psy's rise to international fame happen in real time as he performs alongside the hottest groups in Kpop! By the time he heads for the US, he's popular enough to shut down traffic and stage a guerrilla concert in the Gangnam district. What show did we miss? What would you put on your list of Gangnam-style dramas or characters? Let us know in the comments!