When one looks at the most popular male Korean celebrities, it's pretty easy to see that they're all good-looking, have style, and possess a certain amount of charisma. So how do they look to the true professionals of style - fashion experts that are behind the hottest looks and trends? Here is a list of who the editors of some of Korea's biggest fashion magazines thought were the most charming male celebrities around!

Fashion editors tend to look at things like appearance and style with quite a lot more scrutiny than the average Joe or Jane, so the selected few that made the list of "most charming" male celebrities for InStyle Korea can rest assured that they're seen as the real deal. With literally hundreds of celebrities in the public eye, making this exclusive list means you've definitely charmed your way to the top. So who are these charming individuals, anyway? 

1. Lee Je Hoon — With his "cold on the outside, warm on the inside' look, the 32-year-old is at the top of this list. His smile is sexy enough to melt anyone away. Shy but has good posture.

2. Yoon Doo Joon — Exudes masculinity. His high cheekbones and intense eyes are his hottest physical attributes. His fun-loving social media photos with his nephew and niece show off his playful side.

3. Park Bo Gum — Owner of the most symmetrical and beautiful face around. "Makes your eyes feel purified just by looking at him," said an editor. Now that's quite a compliment!

4. Jay Park — Besides having the milkiest skin, his confidence, swagger and attitude are what gets him on this list. A true hustler.

5. Gong Yoo — Of course he's on the list. 

6. Ryu Joon Yul — His playful fashion sense is what sets him apart. Doesn't hurt that he's constantly charming his fans on social media.

I'm sure arguments can be made for your favorite male celebrity, and why they should have definitely been on this list as well. But for whatever reason, these six stars have found their way into certain fashion editors' hearts, and for that reason alone, are now unofficially recognized as the most charming male celebrities in all of Korea. 



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