The Korean Foundation has announced that five Korean films will be screened at this year's Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. The festival is one of Ireland's premier film festivals and takes place over eleven days and nights. A segment called "Korean Season" will present the following films from today till the 24th of February: 1."Pieta" (2012) Pieta is the first Korean film to win the top prize at an international film festival. The movie stars Lee Jung Jin, who plays a brutal loan shark orphaned at a young age. Jo Min Su co-stars as a woman who claims to be his mother. This film is rated 19+ for violent and sexually suggestive content. 2."Hwacha" (2012) Based on a Japanese novel by Miyuki Miyabe,  a woman suddenly disappears and her fiance sets out to find her. In the process, layers of dark, hidden secrets are uncovered. The film stars Lee Sun Kyun and Kim Min Hee. 3."The King of Pigs" (2011) "The King of Pigs" is an animated pick, but don't be fooled. It is very dark and violent. Two men who went to school together meet again while living very different lives. At school they were plagued by class status wars where those unlucky enough to be at the bottom were "pigs." They were bullied until a King of the Pigs came along. Fifteen years later, they reminisce about what happened back then. 4."Mother" (2009) Actress Hye Ja Kim desperately searches for the man who framed her son for murder. Won Bin plays her son, whose mental capacity is slightly below his age. 5."Old Partner" (2008) "Old Partner" is the first South Korean documentary to compete at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is about an elderly farmer and his cow. The cow has been his helper and friend for years, and one day the cow is diagnosed with cancer. Now they only have one year left together. That's a strong showing for Korean films! Which of these would you be most excited to see first? (Source: