Korean-Foreign joint productions are all the rage, and this year will see a number of releases featuring popular Asian stars. We all loved seeing Lee Byung Hun show off his action skills in the latest GI Joe movie, but who else has a foreign debut coming soon? BoA will have her acting debut in a Korean-Foreign join production, Michelle Yeoh will star alongside Henry Lau (Super Junior-M) in a Korean filmmaker's movie, and actress Kim Hyo Jin will be the leading lady in a Korean-Japanese film. Here are some of the productions to keep an eye out for: Snowpiercer Filmmaker Bong Joon Ho will have his Hollywood debut with Snowpiercer. One of the most anticipated films of the joint productions, is a sci-fi film jointly distributed by Korea's CJ Entertainment and American film studio, The Weinstein Company. The movie will feature British actress Tilda Swinton, Korean heavyweight Song Kang Ho, Chris Evans and Jamie Bell. Cobu 3D DerekBoACOBU K-Pop star BoA makes her debut in Hollywood with the release of Cobu 3D. The dance film features American dance and actor Derek Hough as well. The storyline is inspired by got it...another modern Romeo And Juliet story. The two play dancers who are star-crossed lovers. Final Recipe final recipe Korean filmmaker Gina Kim will feature Hong Kong-based actress Michelle Yeoh and Super Junior-M's Henry Lau in Final Recipe. The movie is about a young chef who participates in an international cooking contest to save his grandfather's restaurant from going out of business. Mumyeongin (The Nameless Person) Actress Kim Hyo Jin is starring with Japanese actor Hidetoshi Nishijima in Lotte Entertainment's Mumyeongin, a mystery thriller based off a novel. The film is an adaptation of Japanese writer Tsukasaki Siro’s Genome Hazard. A Japanese man one day realizes that all his memories belong to someone else. He soon finds out that the memories were placed in his brain by unknown forces. Which of these films are you most looking forward to? (Source: