From buying and downloading whole albums to purchasing single songs, the convenience of the digital marketplace has long replaced the CD for many. However, In South Korea -- ironically the country boasting the world's fastest internet -- it seems that K-pop fans are not only still buying insane amounts of CDs, but also multiple copies of the same albums at the cost of obscene amounts of money. Why?! Keep reading to find out!

The modern emergence of a digital world has undeniably changed the way we buy and use content. This development is perhaps most easily identifiable in how we buy and listen to music. 

However, after learning that many middle and high school students have been buying multiple copies of the same CDs (some even up to 50 copies of the same album and spending approximately $714 USD) Korean news reporters decided to look into why this was happening. What they found was quite surprising!

Here were the following reasons why South Koreans are still purchasing CDs...and multiple copies at that:

Different covers

Some K-pop groups released the same album with different covers…making fans feel the need to purchase more CDs so they can have all the covers of their favorite group.

Many idol group fans even admit to never actually listening to the albums they buy, but because they want to have every version of their favorite artist’s merchandise they purchase them all.

Fan signing events

When a popular idol group releases an album, fans can purchase the group’s album from a designated store to get entered into a raffle. Fans will purchase multiple copies of the same album to increase their chances of getting into their favorite groups’ fan signing events.

Regardless of how much money this tactic might cost them, many fans are still willing to do so in order to increase their odds of getting in…even though they will only get to interact with their favorite idol for a minute or two at most.

When Korean news reporters contacted different idol agencies to discuss the issues, insiders simply explained that this was a valid marketing technique and no more details or comments were provided.

Are you surprised that Koreans are still buying CDs? Are you even more surprised at how much some fans will spend on their favorite idols’ merchandise? Let us know your thoughts below!  


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