Some people have way too much money on their hands. I'm not one to judge how anyone spends their money, but if you can afford 2.36 million dollars to spend on an auction for a hat, you probably have too much, even if that hat used to belong to Napoleon.

A few days ago, one of Napoleon's 120 hats was auctioned off in the suburbs of Paris for the first time in 40 years, and a Korean entrepreneur by the name of T.K. Lee took all other super-wealthy participants by surprise. The highest bid was expected to be about three to four hundred thousand euros, and this man bid an astounding 1.88 million euros for it. That's about 2.36 million dollars. Whether or not this man is a Napoleon fan, I have no idea, but what exactly is one to do with a hat that belonged to Napoleon? Display it in your home? Wear it out to dinner? Who knows?

I get it; it's pretty cool that his hat is still around after all these years, but 2.36 million dollars? Anyway...Congratulations to Mr. Lee. He's now the proud owner of a nice hat!

Hat, Monsieur?


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Mr T.K. Lee

"I think I'm going to actually wear it when I go out."