This Korean film Confession of Murder starring Park Shi Hoo sounds like a must-see! DF bestie Vivian sent me her review of the film and after reading it, I know what movie I'm watching tonight! By Vivian: When it comes to psychological crime thrillers, there are so many great films that fall under this category, and the majority of them come from South Korea. To add to this list of mind blowing films is Jung Byoung Gil’s Confession of Murder. Now to be honest, when I first heard of the plot, I thought the whole thing was a little absurd. Let’s be serious: a serial killer who writes a book about all the crimes he committed after the statute of limitations expires? Sounds pretty ridiculous. However, after starting the film, I quickly began praising the genius who came up with such a story.


Written and directed by Gil, Confession of Murder stars Jung Jae Young and Park Shi Hoo, who in my opinion are two of the greatest actors in Korean Cinema. After his statute of limitations expires on the crimes he committed, Lee Du-Seok, played by Park Shi Hoo, releases an autobiography in which he details all of those gruesome murders. Jung Jae Young plays detective Choi, who has been investigating these murders fifteen years prior. Things get a little heated once another murderer surfaces, putting Detective Choi on the hunt once again and casting doubt on whether or not Du-Seok is the real killer. As if things weren’t complicated enough, you have the families of the victims who take it upon themselves to execute their own justice, and pull out all the stops in getting their revenge.


Let’s not argue whether or not a statute of limitations on murder exists, which I think is highly unlikely, this film has all the elements of a great crime drama. Where else can you find a file that contains serial killers, poisonous snakes, killer dogs, a tragic love story, and the most amazing fight scene taken place in the middle of oncoming traffic. If that isn't enough to get your attention, have I mentioned it stars Park Shi Hoo? Despite the fact that he looks absolutely flawless in this film, his acting is just brilliant. Detective Choi’s personal investment in finding the real killer is what brings out the more intellectual elements of the film. He is torn between taking matters into his own hands and upholding the law that he has sworn to protect as an officer of the law. The last thing I have to give this film credit for is for the fact that the entire cast can…well…act. I know I originally tuned in to see Park Shi Hoo, but there was not a single bad actor in this movie.


It’s sincerely hard to find anything bad to say about this film, but I will leave everyone with this note: If you cringe at the very sound of foul language and the sight of blood makes you queasy, then this film is probably not for you. Other than that, Confession of Murder is a must watch. --- Thanks for the awesome review Vivian! If you're a fan of Korean film or just Asian film in general and would like to share your own movie review, simply drop me an email at Submit your personal review and a few screenshots/pics and I'll share it with the world! *Evil laugh inserted here* KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE