Stop the presses; Korean movies are on top on Reddit. With U.S. blockbusters now opening every week, you’d expect the whole world to be talking about the latest and greatest from Hollywood. However, surprise surprise, topping the front page of Reddit this weekend was the nicely titled “Korean Film Chart.” 

Acting as a primer for the uninitiated, the thread provided a great outlet for discussing the virtue of Korean Films. There were thousands of comments praising the uniqueness of cinema from South Korea.

It’s always nice to see the general populace get introduced to awesome content from around the world. DramaFever Movie fans should jump in the thread and chime in with some of their favorites.

Do you agree with the list? I can think of some real gems that were left off this the list, but was glad to see titles like The AttorneyThe Man from Nowhere, and War of the Arrows (Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon) make the list! 

Watch Im Siwan and SongKang Ho in The Attorney on DramaFever: