A Seoul high school student just went viral with her absolutely beautiful rendition of Adele's "Hello." Within one day of being posted to YouTube, the video gained over 700,000 views, and the number continues to rise.

So many YouTube cover artists have tried to take on Adele, with varying degrees of success. This young woman, who, according to the video description, is a high school student in Seoul, manages to capture Adele's haunting emotion in a way that many covers lack. 

If you're skeptical, just take a look and see what I mean:

The video went up on November 5, and from there it found its way to Reddit, quickly reaching the front page of the website. At that point, the video views absolutely exploded, jumping from around 3,000 to 700,000 overnight. (It does take YouTube several hours to update view counts, but the 24-hour jump was still pretty dramatic.)

The immensely popular video was posted by this YouTube page: 일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브. According to their description, they post videos that they hope will bring goosebumps to the public (in the good way, not the creepy way). Mission accomplished!

What do you think of her cover? Are you as impressed with her performance as other viewers were? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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