Are you one of those types that can't function in the morning without that first sip of coffee to wake you from your slumber? Well . . .  here's some potentially bad news. According to a recent study by a Korean professor and his team of scientists, drinking that morning brew may actually not be so good for your health. But it's not like you shouldn't drink coffee anymore, you just have to wait a few hours after you're already up in the morning. Kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think?

Professor See Hwa Jeong of Gachon University has come up with some new guidelines on how to drink coffee, especially if you suffer from certain side-effects upon drinking it. After studying the effects of early-morning coffee on 262 university students, it became apparent to the professor that the side-effects were possibly a result of the coffee affecting a body that's already dealing with the peaking of cortisol in the morning — with the caffeine causing the coffee-drinker to become overly stimulated, causing headaches, heartburn, and heart palpitations. So, according to the study, waiting a few hours to drink your first cup of coffee may do wonders for your jittery reactions to that caffeine. Ideally, the best time to get your fix is two hours after you get up, or anytime between 1 and 5 PM.

But honestly, if you can't have a cup of joe first thing in the morning, with one eye still closed and half-asleep, what's really the point? Because that's when coffee tastes the very best, and frankly, that's when you need it most. And believe me, I love coffee, and I drink it at all times of the day. Just think about how lost so many of us would be without it. Thank you, coffee.

Good morning!


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