It was only a matter of time, and that time has come sooner than later. A Korean TV show has supposedly revealed definitive evidence that super-couple Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo stayed together in Bali, despite their earlier denial

On June 25th, Section TV reported that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo were indeed together in Bali, and in the process, showed a photo from the actress's private Instagram account. They, of course, did not have permission to do this, and how the producers of the show had their reporters gather their information may have broken the law. Apparently, the photos taken at the Airbnb where the couple allegedly stayed were taken without anyone's consent. "These pictures are illegal. The pictures were taken without our permission," said a staff member who got caught up in the photo leak. "They (reporters) told us that they were Korean travel agents. That’s why we invited them to the villa. They used the inspection system that’s frequently done by travel agents as their excuse. They filmed while hiding their occupation and true purpose."

Of course, a source from the show has denied any wrongdoing, claiming that they never even sent reporters to Bali, and had only contacted locals to fact check and verify the photos that were sent to them. There was an apology, but without admitting wrongdoing, it really means nothing, especially considering a second part of the segment regarding the secret getaway is scheduled to air very soon. As we speak, there are rumors that reporters are already on their way back to Bali for some more investigative work!

Not that it was obvious when they were denying it, but there are already fans online who are accusing the unofficial couple of lying to them about their secret relationship. The stories are getting juicier, and it's still the calm before the storm. Stay tuned!

Leaked photos from Song Hye Gyo's private Instagram account:

THIS is where they stayed, allegedly.

"We were filmed secretly and duped!"


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