I love dogs and have owned 3 dogs in my family so far, but to live with 400 dogs? Here is a dog-loving Korean woman who not only has adopted 400 dogs, but she also takes great care of them and can even remember each dog's name. Read more about her amazing story...

50-year-old Kim Gye Young was once a promising track star but had to give up on her dreams after a serious injury. One day, she saw a dog with an injured leg on the side of the road, and the image reminded her of her own injury. She was so moved that she started adopting stray dogs, and she now has over 400 dogs!

Ms. Kim has named each of her canine children and remembers all the names. She also pampers her dogs. The dogs eat a balanced diet consisting of chicken breast, vegetables, and other nutritional ingredients. They are grouped by their personalities into different rooms, such as the "super power room," the "gentle room," and the "happy room." The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and heating. There is also a special dry room to dry the furry dogs after they've been bathed. 

Because of Kim Gye Young, her dogs have thrived under her loving care and appear to be happy and healthy. Her amazing story was featured on the SBS Capture the Moment — How Is That Possible program on Korean TV.

According to Ms. Kim, “I hope that all the dogs who get healthy are able to move on to new, loving families.”

I don't think her dogs would ever want to leave such a kind and loving mom.

How about you? Have you ever adopted a pet from an animal shelter or rescue?

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