Meet the Udumbara Band, Korea's first Buddhist band. The band came together last July and has been practicing for its debut since August 2012. The band was named after a plant that flowers once every three thousand years. The name choice was no coincidence with the band's formation as the first band in the Korea's long history of Buddhism. The lead monks of the seven member band are Ven. Hye Jang, Ven. Daewon and Ven. Jawoon. All members have been musicians for more than 20 years. In fact, Ven. Jawoon even majored in applied music in college. The Udumbara Band's mission is to communicate with the Korean youth. While they have been marketed as a rock band, they plan to play other modern music genres as well. The band will hold its inaugration ceremony in Daegu in March 2013. Are you excited to hear this new band? (Source: