Fans of Korean entertainment know well that there are a few events that can really impact or interrupt the career of their favorite Oppas. One of these has always been the mandatory military conscription law for Korean males. It is always a sad thing to have to say goodbye to your favorite stars as they go off to serve their country, but now a new amendment has been introduced that will change how celebrity enlistment will work in Korea. Just what changes are in store and how will it affect your bias? Keep reading to find out!

Korea's mandatory military enlistment law has always been a hot topic of debate for fans and management companies alike. Much of this discussion has involved when and where the celebrity would carry out his civil duty...often times with extensions being granted to better fit the celebrity's schedule. However, a new amendment has been passed in an effort to make things more fair for all who have to enlist in the military. Korea's Military Manpower Association (MMA) has introduced a new amendment to the Military Service Act that will make it impossible for male celebrities to delay enlisting for military service.

The new amendment states that the MMA will now be directly managing the enlistment of celebrities. Those professions effected by this new amendment includes singers, actors, comedians, dancers, DJ’s, models, other broadcast personalities, and contracted trainees within entertainment agencies and athletics. 

Now all male celebrities who fall into one of these categories -- born between January 1, 1980 and December 31, 1999 -- are required to submit their personal information to the MMA. 

Entertainment agencies were notified of the new amendment so that they can prepare for the changes to come. Once the MMA calls for a celebrity’s enlistment, they must report by the assigned date and will no longer be allowed to delay their conscription.

The new amendment was passed to ensure fairness for all Korean males and will be enforced starting in September 2017. 

Do you think this new amendment is a good or bad thing? Let us know below!

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