2014 has been deemed by many fans to be the year of "K-pop-apocalypse." In addition to Kris and Luhan leaving EXO and Jessica Jung being "fired" from Girl's Generation, fans of MBLAQ who were hoping the crushing news was just a military enlistment may be in for something much bigger.

MBLAQ, a five-member group consisting of Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Thunder, and Mir, is currently facing the possibility of disbandment at the end of November. J.Tune Entertainment has stated that the contracts for Lee Joon and Thunder have expired, and neither has expressed a desire to renew for the future.

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It was reported that Lee Joon wishes to focus on furthering his acting career, including his confirmation as part of the cast of the upcoming drama Mr. Baek. Thunder is said to "have plans to embark on solo activities." Plans are for the two to finish the group's upcoming promotions, including a solo concert coincidentally titled "Curtain Call," before leaving the company.

Hold strong, K-pop fans. The year is almost over, and hopefully 2015 brings an end to K-pop-apocalypse! In the mean time, celebrate the fact that 2PM's "Go Crazy!" World Tour will be making 4 stops and VIXX will be holding a two-stop Showcase Tour here in the US next month!

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