I’ll start by saying this is my first “official suggestion” and of all things it’s a Historical Drama…I know right? 0_o Anywayz, the reason I’m doing this is not because this is the MOST AWESOME DRAMA EVER CREATED AND YOU MUST WATCH IT! No, that’s not it. It’s simply because I care; I care about all of you and I don’t want what happened to me, to happen to you. (I hear violins) So what happened was I dunno, when was it? A Month? Two months? Time flies BUT I had jussst learned my pet, my “Plastic Prince,” Jaejoong was going to be in a new Historical Drama, so of course I lost my mind for a moment and fangirled out! I was in a panic, like “O.M.G I don’t watch that mess! What am I gonna do!? I gotta watch him!” So then like the K-Drama gods heard my freak out moment and presented me with The Moon That Embraces the Sun starring my other “Plastic Prince” Jung IL Woo. Of course I start watching it and its beautiful, great storyline, great cast, except for one thing. IT LITERALLY RIPPED MY SOUL APART! I could not stop crying and I was just not prepared for the emotional intensity of Historical Drama. So my intro to the genre didn’t go so well, and even though it was a great and caused me to seek out other Historical Dramas, I feel easing my way into it with something less intense may have been better. Now the Historical Drama I’m suggesting if you’re new to this genre is probably the one you, like I, have looked at all liiiikeeee* Scans Drama Fever’s list while singing “I’m so Curious yeahhhhh.” Wth? Umm NO!…continues to next page.* But I’m telling you give it a chance because “TAMRA, THE ISLAND” is really freakin good! I know, I know! It’s like “No -_- I know I’m a foreigner, but a foreigner starring in my K-Drama? O.M.G, I can’t even go there.” But doooo go there because this Historical Drama not only has a good adventure/love triangle plot all wrapped in one; but it absolutely hilarious! I’m not going to go into MAJOR detail cuz, well; I don’t feel like it, and this will turn into a novel, but here’s what you should know.

  • It’s about a British dude, William, played by French actor Pierre Deporte who gets stranded on Tamra Island which we all know today as  “Jeju” ( “Almost Paradiseeeeeeeeeeeeee”)
  • Im Ju Hwan (Whats Up) plays a nobleman who is exiled to Jeju and forced to live with the head diver’s family including the diver’s daughter, Jang Beo Jin, (Seo Woo) who discovers William and befriends him.
  • Involved is a cast of whacked out characters like the island drunk, and typical crazy chick out to avenge her father even though he doesn’t care anymore. ( You know how THAT goes) There’s Lee Sun Ho from “Mary Stayed out All Night” who plays Japanese, no, wait, Korean, noo I mean Dutch guy. That one other foreign dude who swears he’s like straight 100% Korean and was not, is not a foreigner at all but he is though. O_0 Bathroom breaks in pig pens, an action/adventure storyline with lots of different locations. It continuously moves forward with lots of twists and turns without dragging. The first episode is nutty with bad English speaking, and the shock of seeing a very pale, blonde, blue eyed guy as the lead. But he’s adorable and you’ll quickly get into the story.
This was made in 2009 and I read it’s become a “cult classic” and I totally know why! So check it out especially if you’re new to Historical Dramas or you just want some light hearted fun and adventure in your life! Tamra, The Island

Let me know, have you seen it? Did you love it?! Did you hate it?! Are you going to watch it? Comment below ^_^

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