Heirs scene stills of F(x) Krystal are out and she looks so cute! In the photos Krystal is giving “puppy eyed aegyo” with her big brown eyes and little pouty face! Besides aegyo Krystal is showing off her long legs in a short skirt and sweater.

Her outfit looks so comfortable and cute. It’s sexy but not too revealing, and it seems she’s giving off the “girl next door" vibe. Krystal is playing the role of Lee Bo Na an entertainment company heiress who’s the ex girlfriend of Lee Min Ho’s character Kim Tan!

The more stills that come out the more excited I’m getting for this drama! I know you’re excited too, so make sure to show just how excited you are by remembering to set your new episodes alert for Heirs by clicking HERE!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE