Krystal combats loneliness. The My Lovable Girl actress gets candid with the popular fashion magazine InStyle. For their upcoming January issue, she headed to Milan, Italy for her casual and sexy photo shoot. Rather than talk about the usual dating topics during the interview, the f(x) singer decided to discuss the difficult issue of dealing with loneliness. 

"When I feel lonely and music doesn't help, I try to accept my emotions while just lying down or watching the same movie twice," she said. "When you watch a movie on repeat, it doesn't give you time to think about anything else, so it feels nice."

While wearing the latest trends in mini dresses, she explained that in real life popular trends are not her thing. "Rather than following the season's trends, I like it when a person has a strong sense of their own style like Tilda Swinton and Sofia Coppola."

What do you think about Krystal's take on life? Watch her in My Lovable Girl:

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