Chinese bus riders have a tradition of giving up their seats to the elderly and those that need assistance, but the other day a young woman in Xiamen resented giving up her seat so much that she performed some high kicks against an elderly man. The episode was captured by another passenger.

On the Number 614 bus in Xiamen, Fujian province, passengers heard a young woman cursing loudly against an elderly man. She then grabbed the ring holders above her and high kicked the old man. The old man tried to evade and covered his face from the kicks. Other passengers were stunned and tried to stop this young woman's erratic and offensive behavior. She still wouldn't stop.

Eventually the older man switched seat with another passenger, but the young woman continued to rant and even started to curse other passengers. Many of the other passengers criticized her. A passenger named Xiaoyeh videotaped the episode and said the entire incident lasted about 15 minutes.

The incident was reported by a local TV and is now trending in China. Chinese netizens are generally offended and feel embarrassed by this woman's rude behavior.