On September 26th, actress Kuriyama Chiaki attended a press conference to commemorate the opening of “Star Channel BS High Vision 3 Ch“.

Wearing a sexy outfit that revealed her navel, she smiled as she said, “I like action, but I also like suspense, mystery, and anime. I’m an indoors person, so sometimes it’s bothersome to go outdoors. In such times, I love to watch movies at home.

Kuriyama shared that her current favorite movie is “Kick-Ass“. She explained, “Among the movies I’ve watched recently, it’s the most memorable. The action is cool, and the main character is an outrageous hero that I can laugh at. However, I am refreshed after watching it. It’s become my favorite. Personally, I love cosplay, so I want to cosplay like ‘Hit Girl’.

The actress also said that the movie she wants to watch most is “Machete“, which was suggested by movie-lover Sekine Tsutomu. She stated, “Many times, we watch movies after being suggested, and receiving information.

Source + Photo: Sponichi