Kwak Dong Yeon has a future in comedy!

Recently, the Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds heartthrob decided to promote his labelmates via social media in the most comedic way possible. Following the release of rookie boy group HONEYST's video teaser, the 20 year-old star rushed to Instagram and explained how he will personally benefit from their success. Netizens couldn't help but laugh at his clever sense of humor.

He wrote, "This is FNC's rookie boy band HONEYST, and they're going to debut soon. I would sincerely like for this team to succeed. If these people become superstars, then I can sell the derp pictures of them that I have saved to FNC for $90, and sell more, and more, and then I can become rich. Please give your attention to HONEYST, everyone, so that I can become super rich!"

Hilarious! It seems HONEYST are Kwak Dong Yeon's besties that he feels so comfortable joking about them in this way. His online joke may open up new doors for him in the comedy world. Instead of being a supporting actor, he is making strides toward leading man status in romantic comedies. This year, he transitioned from K-dramas into movies and took supporting roles in the dark films Misbehavior and the upcoming production Man of Will (which stars Saimdang: Light's Diary actor Song Seung Hun).

Do you miss him since Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds wrapped? What would you like to see him star in next? 

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