Bullies back up and take a seat! Kwang Hee is not having any of it! During an episode of Go Show, Kwang Hee let everyone know that back when he was in school, he was not going to tolerate being bullied. When the older kids told him to meet them after school, Kwang Hee was like yeah, all right, sure, and instead went straight to a teacher. Having not understood the first time, the bullies attempted to lure Kwang Hee into a beat down again, and what did Kwang Hee do? THAT'S RIGHT! He let another teacher know, and the kids were punished. Kwang Hee looked straight into the camera after the story, and let every one know that teachers exist for a reason, and no one needs to deal with that nonsense. Way to go, Kwang Hee!

What do you think about the way Kwang Hee handled being bullied? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE