kwanghee and siwan2 ZE:A group member and To The Beautiful You cast member Kwanghee has tortured fellow group member Siwan with his personality. It's true! Apparently Siwan had to go to great measures to avoid Kwanghee because he was acting way too crazy for him to handle. Just imagine being woken up at five in the morning -- not because  you have to get up but because say, your roommate, who we'll call "Kwanghee," wants you to pick out the best of three white shirts! All the shirts are the same! They're all white, they all look great on him and he's wide awake waiting for you to choose while you're still laying there like a slug in a puddle of pillow drool! kwanghee and siwan1 This is real life! This actually happened to Siwan, and Kwanghee admitted his naughty deed on the show Hello. Siwan even said he started locking his bedroom door to keep Kwanghee out. But it doesn't stop there! Kwanghee also abused his natural phone privileges! Poor Siwan had to downgrade to a phone without the video calling feature because Kwanghee kept calling and calling! Siwan also suffered for an entire day when he actually helped Kwanghee pick out a shirt to wear which later caused him to end up being chosen as the "worst dressed by fans." (Wommp,wommmp) kwanghee and siwan3 Meanwhile all I can think about is every time Kwanghee's character Song Jong Min in To The Beautiful You would get upset or agitated he would start lathering on the lip gloss like a nutcase! Also, he reminds me of a sour patch kid who one minute does something bad to you then two seconds later hugs you! That's so Kwanghee!


Kwanghee really is the best and you can just tell they're best friends! ^_^ KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source via Soompi)