ZE:A member Kwanghee gifted his fans over the weekend with photos from his recent trip to NYC. Looking noticeably slimmer-just check out that jawline! Kwanghee looked so handsome and fashionable posing for photos! These candid shot’s look super professional, as if he was modeling on location. Just check out his photos below!

I told you all once before that Kwanghee has a sort of odd "thing" for baby dolls. Here he is showing affection to a very lifelike looking doll. Maybe he bought her? (o_0)

I hate the Times Square area but I would have loved it had Kwanghee told me he was going to be there! He really wore that plaid shirt right?! The blazer and his sunglasses made him the best looking guy on that entire block!

Even his shadow is slim and fabulous. (-_-)

I wonder if he took the photo wearing the jacket first and then took it off for the photo above, or was it the other way around? Hmm.

This picture is just awesome! The skyline complete with the Brooklyn Bridge and then his hair perfectly wavy and lush! Kwanghee you better make this photo into a postcard and send it to everyone because it's just that good! #TouristPhotoWIN

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE