ZE:A member and To The Beautiful You star Kwanghee always asks Uee if she likes dolls, and has a boyfriend whenever he sees her, because she’s his ideal type. Ok, cool, but really, “do you like dolls?” I’m not sure if I should find Kwanghee’s question cute or creepy.

Maybe it’s a little of both, but it makes me think I should start asking hot guys if they like dolls as a pick up line. It’s totally weird, you don’t have to tell me, but what an awesome conversation starter because of its weirdness! Think of it this way: the guy or girl can either walk away because they’re freaked out, or they can answer the question because they’re intrigued!

However, I think if a guy was like “Hey, do you like dolls? Do you have a boyfriend?” I might think he had some weird fetish or emotional issue, but I guess if he’s an Idol or actor the question would be over looked. But Uee did say whenever Kwanghee asks her she just “doesn’t know what he means.”

Neither do we, Uee, neither do we (o_0).

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE