DramaFever contest winner Ellie Dimitrova joined star Kwon Hyun Sang, director Jae Soh, actor David Arquette and many more at the Let Me Out red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. The independent film, starring DramaFever Award winner Kwon Hyun Sang, premiered on the same day in Seoul and Los Angeles. Star Kwon Hyun Sang actually attended both events, traveling to beat the clock.

Other stars present included Nadine Truong and Brian Yang, actor Richard Arquette and chanteuse Characula. Let Me Out is currently being promoted on Tugg.com, so if you'd like to see the film in your area, make sure to visit and vote!

David Arquette Kwon Hyun Sang Let Me Out

Let Me Out Kwon Hyun Sang

Nadine Truong and Brian Yang

Richard Arquette and David Arquette

Kwon Hyun Sang and Characula

Lee Kwon Sang