Actor Kwon Sang Woo was captured on the set of upcoming K-Drama Medical Top Team chilling out with an ice pack. Obviously the heat is no joke in Korea right now, but Kwon Sang Woo is making me feel hot while looking at "his hotness" trying to cool down from Korea's hotness!

First of all, he’s standing there as if he’s posing with the ice pack in a nicely fitted white dress shirt and black pants which are resting on his hips just so lovely. If you really look closely, his tie most certainly looks as if it’s been yanked on.

The other photos show him wearing a denim shirt and holding the ice back behind his neck and on the side of his face. He’s obviously doing this on purpose; just look at his jawline in the first photo! He’s totally showing it off! In the second photo he’s all like, “look at how hot my serious face is.” The only thing left is for him to take a photo with an ice pack while wearing a white medical coat!

Kwon Sang Woo will be playing the character of Dr. Park Tae Shin, so if you want to see him look hot in a medical coat then I highly suggest you set your new episode alert for Medical Top Team HERE!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE