You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin actress Son Tae Young shared her mommy tips with 60 pregnant women at the Biotherm-sponsored mom-to-be class in Seoul. The lovely actress, who is 8 months pregnant, hosted the special class in the Hyundae Department Store.

 Son Tae Young shared yoga techniques, skin nourishing tips, and ways to get your figure back after delivery. 

Even though her due date is soon, the star covered her baby bump with a long cheetah-print coat. She holds her baby weight well. You can hardly tell she is expecting!

What happens when a woman who can’t lie becomes a news reporter? Find out in Park Shin Hye’s new series Pinocchio:

Son wrapped her TV Chosun historical drama Into The Flames in June. This will be Son's second child with Temptation actor Kwon Sang Woo. The celebrity couple welcomed their son Kwon Ruk Hee in February of 2009. Son and Kwon married in 2009.

Do you think the baby will look like mommy?

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