Traditionally, the preparing of sushi in Japan has always been considered a very masculine endeavor. For  that reason, a female sushi chef is kind of like Bigfoot, some claim to have seen one and served by one, but no one seems to come up with any kind of proof. A few sushi restaurants in Kyoto, however, are catered to women's sensitivities, with sushi prepared and decorated especially to be enjoyed by women.

Whether or not there are any female sushi chefs at these sushi restaurants in Kyoto, has not been verified, but the chefs there sure seem to care about making women happy. Unlike most all sushi restaurants in Japan, these have a very unorthodox way of presenting their sushi to their customers. The dishes here are very feminine, not just a small slices of fish over rice neatly placed in rows.

The first spot, AWOMB, prepares it's meals to not only look cute, but so that customers can taste a wide range of fish for a reasonable price. Every item on the lacquer plate is of a different color, making your dinner look like a palet of beautiful raw fish. For the same price as eating maybe five pieces of sushi at a regular sushi restaurant, customers are able to taste a whole variety of fish, while having them being presented in a very feminine way

Mamĕ Sushi, not far from AWOMB, is also catered to women. Here again, presentation is key, with the different pieces of sushi neatly placed together in small wooden boxes. The sushi is made about a half-size smaller than conventional pieces, and when presented in the way that they are, they look like pieces of jewelry lined up next to each other.

Last on the list is Kashiwai, which actually makes each individual piece look like it was a Japanese confectionary. Sizes are small, and presented in a totally different way from what people are used to. Kashiwai has take-out boxes of their sushi for sale at Kyoto Station, so if you're ever in Kyoto on vacation, you can buy some for the bullet train ride to Tokyo or wherever your destination may be.

Cute and sushi usually don't go together in Japan, but these three sushi restaurants in Kyoto seem to be changing that:


 Mamĕ Sushi

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