Lee Min Ho's rep confirms he had a big crush on the pretty Miss A member Suzy before he finally confessed.

On a recent episode of tvN's Name List 2015, the Gangnam Blues star's dating news was included in a list of celebrities that captured and broke fans' hearts. The Min Ho and Suzy relationship ranked at number 5 on the list, and his representative told the show that Lee admitted he was smitten with the Big actress in February. 

"Looking at Lee Min Ho's personality, we are aware that he thought about it a lot before professing his feelings. He was worried that it would burden Suzy, but [he said that] he couldn't hold his feelings in any longer."

The A-list stars' love lives were put under a microscope by media outlet Dispatch when they spotted the "Only You" singer attending the VIP showing of Gangnam Blues.

I don't know about you, but I love these two together! It's great to see celebrities find happiness just like the rest of us. Plus, we are finally getting a little of Lee's side of the love story. I hope he opens up more as time goes by.

You can see Lee Min Ho next in his movie Gangnam Blues, which will be available for DramaFever Premium members on April 18.Gangnam Blues is intended for mature audiences, and it contains adult content, drug use, graphic violence, nudity, profanity, and strong sexual content. You an sign up for a movie release alert HERE.

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