I like this holiday season because there are many good things and warm helping hands even though the weather is cold. Here is a joint project conducted by a baseball star and K-pop stars to warm up your cold heart. Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin and K-pop group Trouble Maker (Hyun Ah, Hyun Seung) is going to release two songs for blind children on 20 Dec in Korea.

Ryu Hyun Jin and Cube Entertainment’s singers finished recording two songs for the winter season. This project is produced by Ryu Hyun Jin foundation HJ99 and Cube Entertainment together. Ryu Hyun Jin, Trouble maker Hyun Ah, Hyun Seung, Ji Na, Shin Ji Hoon, some members of Beast, 4minutes, BTOB participated in this project.

After Ryu heard that there were blind children cheering for him, he had thought of a way to help them, and finally decided to sing songs for them. It didn’t matter whether he was good at singing or not. His participation in this project with other singers is a response to them. And all profits from the album and songs will be donated to the Han Bit Foundation, which trains young musicians living with disabilities.