DramaFever made a special appearance in California this weekend as a VIP sponsor for the LA K-Pop Festival. With a giant suitcase of DF swag in tow, my coworker Claire and I traveled from New York to LA and finally got to meet all of our west coast fans! Read on to relive the day with us!

First, we were able to stop by the KBS America office! How cool is that?

Then here's Claire (who sends all your email newsletters!) at our booth, reppin' LEESSANG! Also for those of you who inquired about our Pig Rabbit merchandise, you can buy everything you saw at our booth here at our shop!

As noon rolled by, excited fans packed our booth to answer K-drama trivia questions for VIP ticket upgrades and DF swag! Special shout-out to Hallyu Tanya, one of our awesome Drama Club writers, who came by to help out at the tent. It's always so much fun to meet our writers in person! Here she is with a bunch of happy fans. :)

The adorable sister duo Nutty Nomads also came to hang out, and selcas were taken!

The guest appearances don't end there though! We had a surprise meet and greet at our booth with the one and only Chad Future! He was the sweetest ever, and signed a bunch of autographs for fans. Be sure to check out his new show, I AM CHAD FUTURE, on Mnet America!

By afternoon the DramaFever booth was packed 50 deep. We definitely have the most engaging and passionate fans, ever!

Unfortunately because Claire and I had to clean up afterwards we were not able to watch the concert itself. However, we did get a couple awesome preview shots of the show from Nutty Nomads, who will be releasing a video of the festival soon! Stay tuned also for a post on the concert by Hallyu Tanya! Meanwhile, here the preview pics:

The Festival was definitely a whirlwind, but it was amazing meeting all of you and being a part of the LA Hallyu family. Thank you so much to everyone who came (and those who followed along on social media too!); we hope you had as much fun as we did! We also hope to come out for more events like this in the future, so keep an eye out for DramaFever!

So much love to the best fans in the world xoxoxo,

Claire and Aileen from DramaFever