The road manager for Ladies' Code, the K-pop girl group involved in a fatal car accident in early September of this year, has been arrested for allegedly causing the accident which led to the death of two of its members.

The Suwon police arrested the group's road manager known only as "Mr. Park" on November 12, and, according to investigations, Mr. Park, age 26, had not adhered to the legal speed limit of 62 miles per hour. Investigations found Mr. Park was driving at 84 miles per hour, a whopping 22 miles over the legal limit. 

During the night of the accident, it had been raining, and Mr. Park claimed the cause of the accident was a wheel falling off the vehicle, which caused him to lose control. However, it has now been revealed that the back wheel had actually fallen off after the accident occurred. Mr. Park stated, "Because the speed seemed too fast, I had stepped on the brake, but the car slipped."

As a result of the accident, Ladies' Code tragically lost two of its members: 19-year-old Go Eunbi (EunB), who died at the scene, and 23-year-old Kwon Ri Se (Rise), who passed away three days later. Remaining members Ashley Choi, Kim Joo Mi (Zuny), and Lee Sojung also sustained physical injuries, which they have since recovered from, and they have recently returned to the dorm they share together with no current comeback plans.

Information on Mr. Park's legal status will be given when more information becomes available. 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE