New Year's is the biggest and most important holiday of the year in Japan, and in a few days, millions of Japanese people will be celebrating it with Lady Gaga, whose 50 selfies will be all over newspapers for a New Year's ad campaign for cosmetic giant Shiseido.

The New Year (and the end of the previous one) is a very important and significant holiday in Japan. Most businesses shut down for a few days, some almost a week, as people go to shrines, visit family, and eat and drink as they ring in a new year in the hopes of good fortune and health. Everywhere you go, New Year's decorations adorn your surrounding, both indoors and out, reminding you of the significance of the coming year. If visiting Japan is ever in your future, the New Year is a wonderful time to be there.

To celebrate this special holiday, cosmetic company Shiseido has come up with a novel campaign, a project involving Lady Gaga and 50 special selfies of the superstar to grace major newspapers over a period of a few days. 46 selfies Gaga took will be released on January 1, in all major newspapers, with the remaining four to appear on the 5th. Already immensely popular in Japan, this new campaign is sure to make her even more well-known, as her face will literally be all over the place. 2015 in Japan looks like it's going to be the Year of the Goat and Gaga.


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