photo   photo2 A part of late Producer/Director Kim Jong Hak’s suicide note was released. A representative from Bundang Police Station that was in charge of Producer Kim Jong Hak’s case stated, “It is true that the content of producer/director Kim Jong Hak’s suicide note has been reported in the media.” On July 24, Chosun Daily newspaper, solely obtained 4 pages of Producer Kim Jong Hak’s suicide note written on A4 paper. According to the report, in the note, there was an apology to his family. Kim Jong Hak also mentioned the prosecutor’s real name, who was in charge of his investigation through his suicide note, “To apologize to all the people who love dramas,” "Your ambition…, Am angry with the collusion of (your true) record dealer,” “Recklessly turn everything (I) have stacked up into a sand castle and judge righteousness?” “The person to be punished is you. Cobbling (the case) by force, so…, highly unfair..." Furthermore, policed stated through late Producer Kim Jong Hak’s suicide note that, he left a message “I’m sorry to my family” and said there was nothing more to reveal due to the opposition of the bereaved family. However, in the late Producer’s actual will, there is content written related to being sorry to not only his family but junior producers as well, and information regarding the prosecution investigation. Meanwhile, on July 23 at 10:18am late Producer Kim Jong Hak was found dead in a small rented room in Gyeonggi Providence in Bundang. Before his death, Producer Kim Jong Hak received a prosecution investigation for being sued regarding unpaid performance fees in SBS Drama ‘Faith’ and dereliction of duty and fraud embezzlement charges. (source: nate news)