A recent press release by the Korean Central News Agency reads more like a love letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un than a news document. The press release is titled "Kim Jong-un Highly Praised by International Community," and is full of so much adoration that it reads like a passionate Valentine's Day card to the North Korean leader.

In the press release, the Korean Central News Organization pulled various quotes from international websites that use only fawning and loving words for Kim Jong-un.

Some of the quotes included in the press release are, "He boundlessly loves children, patting them on the cheeks and complying with their impertinent requests." Not exactly sure what boundlessly loves children means, but sounds a little creepy.

Another quote states, "Everyone in the DPRK ardently follows and reveres Kim Jong-un, holding him as their real father." And another quote went even further, calling the North Korean leader, "The Great Father."

And this final quote sounds like something you would say in reference to a great relationship, not a dictator: "When he meets soldiers and people, he warmly hugged them, walking with them hands in hands and whispering to each other."

Looks like Dennis Rodman is at least one person who feels this way.