Just recently, I wrote about a creative barista in Japan who makes amazing 3D lattes. And now there's a pastry chef turned bartender who makes such impressive 3D cocktails that she makes you want to just admire your drink.

Just a month or two ago, 3D latte was the newest thing. And already, another newest thing has shown up and become the new newest thing. Mayuko Sunaga, a former barista, is now the talk of Shimo-Kitazawa, a district in Tokyo known for small music venues, bars and fashion. She's a bartender at DUKE KAPO, a stylish, remodeled rock and roll bar with a famed history. There's a stage for live music, a DJ booth and even an outdoor area. And right now, this bar is known as the only bar in Japan where you can drink a 3D cocktail. Mayuko uses toppings like whip cream and chocolate sauce to create 3D art in her cocktails. She can create a frog or a bear just chilling in your cocktail, and she takes requests. She gets a lot of bear, rabbit and cat requests, and her most memorable request was Gundam, which she said she put a lot much energy into making. Traditional cocktails make it hard for her to do her art, so she uses crushed ice and liqueurs. Whip cream that comes in all sorts of different colors is used to make the foundation for her art.

"Please mix your cocktail before you drink it," she tells customers. But it seems like more people than not have a hard time destroying everything just so they can drink it. But as the many twitter and instagram photos show, at least everyone that goes to drink Mayuko's cocktails are at least making sure they'll always be able to look at them.

Open from 6 PM until 5 AM, every night of the week.


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