alex-my-vintage-romance-200pxWe've got a great list of goodie bag and door prizes from our sponsors for the DramaFever Launch Party. Who are they again? Ito En, THEME Magazine, MiN New York, mark., La Vie Zen Spa and TimeOut NY Magazine. It's been whispered our own prizes would be autographed, and it's not just one, but three items! Thanks to our friends at AllKpop, we've put together a sweet collection of autographed CDs from Alex, Se7en, and BoA!

Kpop fans know Alex as the baritone crooner from Clazziquai, but K-dorama fans know Alex as the voice of "She Is" from My Lovely Sam Soon. Clazziquai also scored the dancier "Be My Love" on the My Lovely Sam Soon OST. At the launch party, we'll randomly give out two signed copies of Alex's solo album "My Vintage Romance."

se7en-goong-sSe7en's come to America to make a name for himself as a singer, but K-dorama fans know him better as Lee Hoo in Goong S! Once again, two signed copies to a pair of lucky winners!

And BoA? Do we really need to introduce the Kpop-Jpop superstar? We'll be giving out two signed copies of her first American album as she tries to break into the Billboard charts in 2009.

If that weren't enough, we'll also be giving out copies of Clazziquai's new album "Mucho Punk" -- not yet released in the U.S.!

Whew! And we didn't even mention the DramaFever T-shirts yet...